Hug a plush!

Hug a plush!

Today we're showing you 5 reasons why hugging a plush toy is beneficial for adults too! Read along...

If you already hug a teddy bear in order to sleep, don't be ashamed! It is more common than you think, in fact it is good for you. According to researchers at VU University of Amsterdam, cuddling a soft toy can have a beneficial effect for people with low self-esteem and helping to alleviate their anxieties around loneliness. But what exactly can these furry friends bring to our life?


1- They bring a sense of comfort and security 

It's probably not surprising that soft toys bring the same sense of security in children and in adults. They remind us of our stress free days as children when our parents would read us a story in bed while we were cuddling our favorite plush toy. 


2- They help with feelings of loneliness 

We live in a modern world with technologies, crowds and stress and even though we are surrounded by people all day long, once we get to the quietness of our home, it is easy to feel an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and as if something is missing in our life. Hugging a plush toy can help us overcome this feeling and help us recover from a stressful day. 


3- They improve mental health 

There’s a reason you will often see a stuffed bear for sale in a hospital gift shop. It’s because these familiar items are valued and needed at any age of life. Teens and adults can benefit from the comfort of a stuffed toy after suffering a major health problem or enduring the death of a loved one. They can help adults heal after severe trauma, survive the stress of exams, or endure homesickness.


4- They can help us recover from trauma 

Hugging a soft toy can have the same effect as hugging a loved one, so it is not surprising that 40% of adults have a favorite soft toy to hug when they feel down. They give us an unconditional feeling of warmth, love and support which can help relieve childhood trauma such as neglect and abuse. 


5- Weighted plushies can help reduce stress

When we are stressed, our level of cortisol increases which can lead to anxiety and depression. It is often recommended to pet a animal to relieve this feeling. But did you know that hugging a plush toy can have similar cortisol reducing effects? Weighted stuffed animals and aroma therapeutic stuffed animals are designed to help relieve stress, giving a double dose of comfort from your stuffed pals.

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